Fendi Sunglasses – distinctive style

One of Italy’s biggest fashion houses, Fendi is most popular for its Sunglasses. Started as a fur and leather shop in Rome in 1918, today it is one of the most distinguished international luxury goods brand and is owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. In 1925 it got the name Fendi, after the owner of the shop Adele Casagrande married Edoardo Fendi. The couple had five daughters who in due course of time joined the family business.
In 1965 they hired Karl Lagerfeld who later on went on to design the famous double-F logo. To this day, Fendi continues to experiment with fur achieving some baffling new results. In later years, Fendi launched its women wear collection and also stepped into the men’s clothing business. In ’94 Silvia Fendi introduced the baguettes which revolutionized the handbag business. As Sarah Moyer puts it, “the one and only place to turn for the ne plus ultra of what can be done with fur and leather”.
Marchon eyewear, a United States firm holds the division for Fendi eyewear. The line-up consists of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses as well as non-prescription sunglasses. The men’s range for Fendi sunglasses comes in two major categories, i.e. Selleria and Logo. Selleria has the look of the businessmen’s sunglasses in temperate colors and luxurious appearance.
Logo on the other hand is the youth collection, featuring mostly aviator style sunglasses for the youthful and flashy. The women’s collection alternatively is much more elaborate. The ophthalmic collections are eye catching, prolific and extremely feminine. The women’s collection is designed to bring out the glamour in everyone. The materials used look plush and are highly sensual. The beauty and luxury of the sunglasses comes out with the addition of rhinestones to the rim. The glasses hence have an appeal in both trendy and conventional consumers with their exquisite detailing, feminine eye shapes and coloring.
The latest line-up of sunglasses incorporates Fendi’s distinct style in the season’s most fashionable colors. It consists of eight major groups, namely, Gemstone, Peekaboo, Urban, Design, Ethnic, Tulip, Logo and Chef. Gemstone comprise of usual oval shaped designer glasses with thick rims and cool patterns. Peekaboo is the square shaped sober colored sunglass range for the female professional. Urban consists of larger oval shaped glasses and is basically a larger glass version of the gemstone.
Design consists of superior square shaped glasses as in the Peekaboo but adds a little more funk and style, thus making it just the thing for the youth. Ethnic is an upscale model for the gemstone, with a single pattern rim design, larger sides, slight horn rim and embedded rhinestones. Tulip is the revolutionary rimless sunglass, perfect for people who hate those large rims and comes in superb feminine colors. Logo is a dual colored oval shaped sunglass, perfect for a sunny afternoon in the countryside. Chef is Fendi’s signature horn rimmed glass with a single pattern and embedded rhinestones for that perfect look.
Fendi produces the best in high class eyewear and is essential if you’re looking for that classy yet casual look to stand apart in the crowd.

Fendi Sunglasses are truly a unique and special design

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