Basic Cleaning Tips For Glasses

Some sunglasses could be quite expensive, it is necessary that one preserves it adequately to ensure that they last for a longer time. The best method of preservation of the sunglasses is by cleaning. It may appear easy and simple to clean the sunglasses but in fact a lot of things are involved in the cleaning processes. Specific substances and methods can be utilized for the cleaning purposes and how the sunglasses are kept after cleaning to prevent dirt from taking over soon after the cleaning. Here are some of the useful tips that are helpful in keeping the sunglasses clean.

The first tip to be considered is the type of water and detergents that can be used to clean the designer sunglasses. The type of water that should be used is warm water mixed with light detergent. The type of detergent that is preferred is Dawn-brand detergent. This type of detergent mixes well with the warm water and can be applied to the body of the glasses with the use of fingers. The use of the fingers is preferred because it would ensure the thorough washing of the glasses. But a note of caution here, while the use of the finger is recommended one should not forget that the lenses are fragile and could damage if strongly pressed. This is why it is necessary that there should not be much pressure applied to the lens, to stop it from getting damaged.

After that first set of washing, the drying can be done at this stage with a paper towel. After drying them you apply a lens spray on the glass; the spray is to make sure that the glasses are cleaned very well and there would not be any signs of streaking on the glasses. The spray can be dried with a dry paper towel. Then after that you gently polish them to make sure that the colour of the glasses is actually reflected.

That is all about cleaning sunglasses. One thing is cleaning them, the other thing is to preserve them to make sure that the cleaning lasts for a longer time, depending on the manner the sunglasses are preserved after it has been cleaned. It is recommended that the glasses should not be left at the table or at the shelf after it has been cleaned to prevent it from accumulating dirt again and to prevent it from damaging easily. Better to store them in a case or a covered drawer.

If you do not have access to a light detergent, one can still make use of soap and warm water to clean the sunglasses. In case you do not want to do a complete washing of the sunglasses, you can make use of the regular towels or toilet tissues to clean them. You can also make use of the ordinary water but it has to mix with a soap to ensure the thorough cleaning of the sunglasses. You have to be cautious of the type of textile that you use, do not use anything rough that would scratch the surface of the glasses.

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