Sunglasses Cords Can Be Fashionable And Functional

Anyone who has ever worn glasses or sunglasses knows the headache caused by briefly removing them, setting them down and walking off. Sometimes we are at home and simply poke around, forgetting where we set them and have to watch precious seconds tick by as we scour every nook and cranny, swearing all the while that some gremlin must have wandered in and taken off with them. Other times we are in a public setting, leaving them behind never to be seen or heard from again like a long lost childhood friend that should have written but never did.

This inevitably causes a great deal of inconvenience, not to mention a considerable loss of money at times to get the items replaced. And what of that favorite pair that was discontinued three seasons ago and doesn’t have a facsimile to be had? There is a solution to this madness that should be considered preventative maintenance to anyone who regularly dons eye wear. Especially when considering children.

On the market, there are a wide range of eyeglasses cords made of every conceivable material that will keep your glasses safe around your neck. The selection is so diverse that all wardrobes, personalities, and lifestyles can be easily accommodated, even for the smallest among us.  There are some wonderful avenues to explore when looking for cords appropriate for children.

Who is better at losing important items than the little tyke? Leather cords are available with or without embellishments in all the colors of the rainbow, for a simpler fun look that is great for kids. Help teach them good habits by keeping their glasses safe with expressive cords that are cool and practical at the same time.

Making their own cords, with the use of old jewelry and simple cheap craft items, is also a great project for children. Let them explore their creative side by personalizing their own look, art that is useful for more than wallpapering the fridge. Let them rummage through that old jewelry box for items rarely used to turn a necklace into a quick cord option. Using jewelry wire and craft beads will let them to make it from scratch, allowing for added customization. A more durable alternative for those rough and tumble rascals is yarn, ribbons, shoestrings, or leather cording. All make good durable materials for a glasses cord that will hold up to whatever the playground jungle can throw at it.

So next time, don’t let your children’s eye wear go the way of the missing keys, invest in a fun eyeglasses cord that they will love or enjoy some quality time making one with them that they can show and tell. If you do, those days of hide and seek will be over.

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