Pregnant Snookie in Christian Dior Sunglasses

After four weeks of rumors flying around about the most famous guidette being knocked up, it’s finally been confirmed that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is indeed pregnant. US weekly reported the news that the star is 15 weeks pregnant and is also engaged to the father of the baby, Jionni LaValle. The newly engaged couple who first met on the show Jersey Shore are both fully aware that many haters might be thinking that neither of them is prepared.


Pregnant Snooki Sunglasses

snooki pregnant in christian dior sunglasses


In response Snooki stated “I have different priorities now” and that she “doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I’m ready and he’s ready”. LaValle also added that “we are not going to screw this up”. Their responses do sound promising and Snooki seems to already be thinking motherly thoughts when she said she was worried about the fact that she’d been drinking on New Years. Although Snooki’s pregnancy was surprising news to some, it wasn’t the first big news that she announced. Back in January she reported to People Magizine that Jionni LaValle is “the one so the rings gonna come soon”. And you best believe that Jionni was well aware that he would be buying a big rock the minute he decided to put a ring on it.  He should know that he shouldn’t expect anything less from a true guidette like Snooki who replied that “He knows it should be big, ’cause if it’s small, I’m saying no. Like, ‘Get another ring!’”.After all Snooki will have to have an amazing ring to match all her animal prints and Christian Dior Shades.


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