Jennifer Lopez seen wearing Christian Dior Sunglasses

Jennifer Lopez was seen around New York City this week with her new boytoy, the hot Casper Smart. She took her new boyfriend to a few press events and a nice dinner with just her and him.  Where most people would find an awkward situation, Jennifer Lopez does not. She is actually cohosting a show called Q’ Viva with her future ex-husband, Marc Anthony. J Lo, elaborated on working with Marc at one of her press stops, The David Letterman Show. “It’s fun, but it has its moments. The same things that….didn’t work they sometimes come up.” Lopez and Anthony’s good relationship is a good sign for the two children that the couple had together. Jennifer and Casper finished up with satisfying their stomachs with some good dinner at Ciprani, then the two lovebirds closed their evening by returning back to the hotel.

Jennifer Lopez Christian Dior Sunglasses

Jennifer Lopez Christian Dior Sunglasses

Jennifer wants to make it clear that even with all of these press appearances, and projects that she has, she always puts her kids first. During an interview with FOX she stated, “When they’re okay then I can put my mind on other things and really concentrate on work.” Jennifer can add being a presenter at the Academy Awards on her list of recent events coming up. One thing is certain, and that is that she will be looking amazing, just like she does here in a glamorous white fur coat, studded clutch, and oversized square Christian Dior shades.


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